Building & Construction



Inducont providing highly skilled staff to the construction market.

Through systematic work enviroment effort, the staff is familiar with the importance of a healthy life and a safe workplace. The employees are continuously making progress tests which are compatible in both Swedish as well in foreign sites. Inducont is working according to a skill development concept in order to ensure that all the employees skills- and  customers requirements are met.

 Steel Construction
We provide qualified welders according to EN 287-1:2004, EN 287-1:2011 with extensive experience from steel constructions such as beams, bars and tubes in most of the materials and dimensions.

 Prefab installation & concrete worker
We provide qualified skilled workers in the assembly of prefab concrete and even concrete workers with extensive experience in shaping and reinforcing. We conform our services to the customers specific needs.

 Plumbing installations
We provide qualified plumbers with proffessional qualifications, approved plumbing training, hot work certificate and significant experience in the construction of technical rooms, substations and traditional work in the HVAC field.